Capturing Life Special Moments...♥ 

On the Day of your Session

All you need to do is prepare for a great time! You can expect to relax and enjoy your selves in front of the camera. We believe family photography should be playful and feel natural, so we can capture those perfect moments, genuine personalities, and authentic connections.

For all sessions

Clothing is the key element for the most beautiful, timeless portraits.  Please search family Style inspiration ideas on Pinterest.  Solids and color coordination is the best, avoid busy patterns or stripes. Wear clothing that reflects who you are.  Blacktops are desirable for some classic indoor shots. Keep your clothing choices simple. Black and dark color combinations work perfect for more formal, indoor photography sessions. Keep this in mind when planning your family’s outfits. Some examples of popular options of color combinations below: 

* Denim and Tan       * Brown and Maroon         * Denim, Yellow, Crimson       * Navy, Tan, Cream

* Glitter and White    * Crimson, Tan, Denim     * Red, Grey, Black                     * Navy and Crimson

* Blush and Teal        * Blush and White              * Light Blue, Tan, White            * Navy, Yellow, White

* Tan and White         * Orange and Teal             * Light Blue, Tan, White            * Blue, Green, Yellow

Maternity and Newborn

A good time to start the booking process is around your second trimester. Reach out to the photographer you want and tell them your due date (and answer any other questions they might have). Then, once your sweet baby is born, let your photographer know the exciting news, and you’ll get an exact date for your session.


The best time to capture your maternity photos is 30 – 34 weeks into your pregnancy. Your belly is beautifully round, but you are still feeling comfortable for poses.

We recommend professional make-up and hairstyling to ensure a timeless look for your portraits. Natural make-up, fake lashes, and soft curls are generally preferred among our clients. A simple outfit is a winning outfit. You and your splendid shape are the most important thing.  Clothing for your maternity session should be tight-fitting around the belly. I do suggest to bring simple jeans, an elastic tube dress, a special maternity dress that is comfortable to wear. I advise you to prefer solid colors and textures to patterns. Feel free to bring different outfit options.   Our signature style of post-processing includes tasteful smoothing of skin and body contours to put the finishing touches on your portraits. 

Newborn portraits are best captured in the first 4-14 days, while your baby is sleeping soundly and curling up into those adorable womblike poses.  We encourage families to book their newborn photography session as early as possible to ensure availability. Your due date will be placed on our calendar, and we’ll look forward to hearing from you once your baby is born to schedule your newborn session.

We ask that you bring a pacifier, bottle of formula, swaddle, and a few clean diapers. If you want photos with your baby, set aside a nice simple outfit. We recommend creams, neutral tones, and soft colors for soft intimate portraits. It’s best to avoid chunky jewelry and watches, which can be distracting elements. We have our own blankets, wraps, dainty headbands, and knit hats. However, we understand that sometimes parents like to bring along their own newborn accessories. 

If you have any questions or need more information about our sessions or any event photography, please contact Cecilia Cabrera Photography to (530) 209-4951.

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